Model: PB10500 ½” Power Leaf Brake, Installation inspection and training service.
“Hi Mr. Brogan, Hope you have had a nice flight back to Chicago. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you.”

PerdoValarezo, Panama Canal

Model: HSB1422 Hydraulic Standard Brake 14’ 22Ga
“These HSB1422 Hydraulic Standard brakes work so well for us we ordered two more” (4 in total)

Jeff , Eagle Steel

Model: HS414 Hydraulic Shear 4’ X 14Ga
“We received our power inverter and HS414 Shear on Friday and everything works as advertised, thank you for all the help”

Mike , Indiana

Regarding: A part order for a 1012L Mechanical press brake.
“We are very grateful and pleased to have received this exceptional service. I have been dealing with manufacturing problems for over thirty years and this is among my most satisfying experiences. Thank you very much for your help”

Fred Steward , Steward Steel

Model: FS516 Foot Shear and HS1014 hand Brake, New Purchase.
“Just unpacked it all and all is OK. Thank you for everything. Cheers!”

Duane Dubyk , B.C. Canada
Regarding: Part order for BPO-414-6
“Last week I spoke to Mona in parts. She was extremely helpful.”
Edward , Bellevue Hospital, NY