15 to 750 ton Mechanical Press Brakes

15 to 750 ton Mechanical Press Brakes


When you’re talking 15 to 750 ton mechanical press brakes, talk to Chicago Dreis & Krump. General or special purpose construction is available with every unit and in the 45 to 750 ton range. A Select-A-Speed planetary gear speed reducer system allows your operator to easily adjust ram speed, according to job specs, through a full range of six possible cycle/speed combinations. We deliver full rated tonnage capacity throughout the range.

We specialize in smooth, vertical power delivery, less wear, lower maintenance and the fastest, most accurate bending capability possible. Our housings are deeper and thicker for strength, stress handling and long, trouble-free, productive lives. Beds and rams are solid, one piece steel plate to insure minimum deflection. We ship ’em, you put ’em to work. It’s as simple as that.

Quality always costs less in the long run. We’ve proved it time and time again. Come to Chicago Dreis and Krump and let us prove it to you.

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15 to 750 ton Mechanical Press Brakes15 to 750 tons