Bending Roll Machines

Bending Roll Machines


Chicago Dreis & Krump offers initial pinch bending rolls for rolling sheet metal and light plate. Initial Pinch Rolls with electric/hydraulic power are capable of rolling full or partial cylinders from 16 gauge mild steel to 1/2 inch plate. The lower pinch roll with our special hydraulic powered “quick gap set” is a real time saver during set up. The pinch roll is also tiltable for cone rolling. Hydraulic operation of the drop end for ease of material removal is an added convenience.

As with all Chicago bending rolls, the frames are made of heavy welded construction. The rolls are made from forged steel and heat treated to RC 45. Spherical roller bearings on all three rolls minimize friction loss. The rear bending roll is equipped with an LED readout indicting its position for accurate forming. Positioning of the rear bending roll is done hydraulically and allows the operator to tilt it for cone forming. An emergency stop button and keylock on/off power switch are centrally located on the control panel.

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Standard Equipment:

  • Hardened Rolls
  • Hydraulic drop end
  • LED readout for roll position
  • Cone forming attachment
  • Remote forward / reverse control
  • Roller bearings on roll shafts
  • Hydraulic powered rear roll adjustment
  • Power tilt of rear bending roll
  • Power pinch roll adjustment
  • Safety cut off cable

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MachineCapacity USA and MetricRoll DiametersMotor HorsePowersMachine Weight  
IPR 407514 gauge x 50" 2mm x 1270mm3.1"Roll Drive: 2 Hyd Pump: .52100
IPR 412011 gauge x 50" 3mm x 1270mm3.9"Roll Drive: 5 Hyd Pump: 22400
IPR 41609 gauge x 50"" 4mm x 1270mm4.7"Roll Drive: 2 Hyd Pump: 13100
IPR 42501/4 x 50" 7mm x 1270mm6.3"Roll Drive: 3 Hyd Pump: 14100
IPR 43753/8 x 50" 9mm x 1270mm7"Roll Drive: 5 Hyd Pump: 25100
IPR 506016 gauge x 61" 1.5mm x 1550mm3.1"Roll Drive: 2 Hyd Pump: .52500
IPR 509013 gauge x 61" 2mm x 1550mm3.9"Roll Drive: 2 Hyd Pump: .52600
IPR 51251/8 x 61" 3mm x 1550mm4.7"Roll Drive: 2 Hyd Pump: 13400
IPR 52501/4 x 61" 6mm x 1550mm6.3"Roll Drive: 3 Hyd Pump: 15100
IPR 53125/16 x 61" 8mm x 1550mm7"Roll Drive: 5 Hyd Pump: 25800
IPR 607514 gauge x 72" 2mm x 1850mm4.7"Roll Drive: 2 Hyd Pump: 13800
IPR 45609/16 x 50" 14mm x 1270mm7.9"Roll Drive: 5 Hyd Pump: 36500
IPR 61879/16 x 50" 14mm x 1270mm6.3"Roll Drive: 3 Hyd Pump: 15600
IPR 62501/4 x 72" 7mm x 1850mm7"Roll Drive: 5 Hyd Pump: 26300
IPR 81251/8 x 96" 3mm x 2450mm6.3"Roll Drive: 3 Hyd Pump: 16400
IPR 81873/16 x 96" 5mm x 2450mm7"Roll Drive: 5 Hyd Pump: 27200
IPR101609 gauge x 120" 4mm x 3050mm7"Roll Drive: 5 Hyd Pump: 28300