Hydraulic Power Bending Brake – Standard

Hydraulic Power Bending Brake – Standard


Standard, Box & Pan, and Power Leaf Brakes. Chicago Dreis & Krump brings power and convenience to its legendary hand brake family because sometimes, for some jobs, you can save time and money with a little extra muscle.

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ModelBend LengthCapacity Mild SteelCapacity Stainless SteelMotor HPShipping WeightLengthWidthHeight  
HSB-81297"12 GA16 GA34000 lbs125"48"57"
HSB- 81097"10 GA14 GA56200 lbs126"48"57"
HSB-1012121"12 GA16 GA56525 lbs150"48"57"
HSB-1014121"14 GA18 GA34500 lbs150"48"57"
HSB-1010121"10 GA14 GA57100 lbs150"48"57"
HSB-1218145"18 GA22 GA35100 lbs174"48"57"
HSB-1422169"22 GA26 GA35500 lbs200"48"57"