Mechanical power leaf brakes

Mechanical power leaf brakes


Standard, or Box & Pan, in regular, medium and heavy duty capacities. Every power leaf brake we sell includes power clamping and motorized top leafs for maximum productivity.
Everything is solidly built to last for many years, from the welded steel plate frames with box type support for maximum strength to the powerful gear head motors with built-in magnetic brakes.
These power leaf brakes offer the kind of staying power and efficiency that includes radius bending abilities usually associated with roll forming equipment or stamping presses.
Our Box and Pan versions are just as rugged and stable as our standard models. The sectional, adjustable, finger assemblies even let you bend five sided boxes, pans, and other shapes such as tubes, with ease.

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FEATURES on every Power Leaf Brake:

  • Power Unit – Powerful, cool running direct drive gear head motor is equipped with built in magnetic brake.
  • Drive System – Self aligning main shaft bearings assure smooth power transmission. Rack and pinion gear transfer power to bending leaf.
  • Power Clamping – Dual air cylinders actuate eccentric clamping links to secure piece part for accurate bending.
  • Power Top Adjustments – Motor adjusts top leaf accurately to thickness of work piece for correct bending radius.
  • Bend Stops – Micro limit switch controls bending leaf travel for repeatable angle bends on the finished work.
  • Operator Controls – Dual operator stations placed at sides of unit for clear view of the qwork area.

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ModelBending LengthCapacityMin flange on capacityMotor HPShipping WeightLengthMax WidthMax HeightTable height  
PB-813596"10 Ga1"35500 lbs9'8"8'6'1"3'11"
PB-818796"3/161 1/2"56550 lbs9'8"8'6'1"3'11"
PB-825096"1/4"2"7 1/29625 lbs10'8'6"6'4"3'10"
PB-10135120"10 Ga1"58140 lbs11'8"8'6'1"3'11"
PB-10187120"3/161 1/2"6 1/411135 lbs12'8'6"6'4"3'10"
PB-837596"3/8"2 1/2"7 1/213500 lbs11'8"10'7'5"4'2"
PB-850096"1/2"4"1020000 lbs11'8"10'10"7'10"4'3"
PB-10250120"1/4"2"7 1/215800 lbs13'8"10'6"7'5"4'2"
PB-10375120"3/8"2 1/2"1020800 lbs13'10"10'6"7'6"4'3"
PB-10500120"1/2"4"1524000 lbs13'10"10'6"7'6"4'3"
Finger Assortment
Model Width and Number of Fingers
3" 4" 5" Total
PBP-8135-8 8 8 8 24
PBP-8187-8 8 8 8 24
PBP-8250-8 8 8 8 24
PBP-10135-8 10 10 10 30
PBP-10187-8 10 10 10 30
PBP-10250-8 10 10 10 30